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About us

Our company is a bakery based in Edenvale Gauteng. We produce homemade, handmade treats, cakes, confectionery, the old fashioned way. We don't use any preservatives or chemicals in our food. We use only the best ingredients and use free-range eggs. We hope to bring to you the customer, innovative and new products, that are fresh and exciting. We also want our handmade treats to bring a freshness to the market, to make exciting and delicious presents, treats, gifts, and wedding favours. We will do our best to guarantee freshness and a excellent quality product. We believe in openess in business, and comply to all health laws. Our kitchen is situated in Edenvale, and is fully compliant with minimum health standards.

We trust that you our valued clients will thoroughly enjoy our products, which we make for you on order, and are very delicious. We have tested our market, and received high praise and very positive feedback from our research.

We aim to go back to those days, that used to creat handcrafted treats and goods, the old fashioned way.


Our team

Our team consists of 2 South African women, who are exceptionally talented and dedicated to their craft.


Should you have an queries or orders contact




Contact Verny on , or 084 584 1168,  or email me on

Kindly only email after office hours. 

We have normal office hours, from 8 am - 4.30 pm Monday - Friday. We are closed on Public Holidays.